Treat the Whole Horse- The Benefits of Equine Wellness October 05 2015, 0 Comments

Yawn, lick chew…. yawn lick chew… chew…. yawn… chew…. Desario is tied up to a post, thoroughly enjoying and experiencing his latest visit from Davina. Yes, he’s a pretty spoiled old guy to get his massages, and yes I get kind of jealous, but the benefit these visits bring him are visibly immense. Moving down his neck, she presses at a center point on the crest, and moves away and then into her pressure, and lets out another huge yawn. Davina looks and me and smiles, “You see? This is a pressure point for him- a little stiffness and inflammation here.”

At Whole Equine, I try to provide a convenient platform for horse lovers, owners, and caretakers to buy the highest quality all natural care products. However, nutrition and natural first aid are just a few drops in the bucket of holistic health care practices you can offer your horse. Equine sports massage also provides immense benefits to your horse’s health, including increasing muscle and tendon health and oxygen intake, a platform for diagnosing issues in saddle fit, lifestyle balance, and other musculoskeletal issues, as well as maintaining the sport horse’s health and preventing future injuries. Davina has been practicing equine massage for six years, and is now operating under her own business, horses at liberty/. Horses At Liberty is a full service business providing horses around Northern California with a holistic approach to physical recovery methods, including equine massage and barefoot hoof care.

Davina has added to Desario’s wonderful health in his older age, and has certainly been a large piece of bringing him back to health from his original coffin bone and tendon injuries, which originally caused a lot of lop-sidedness in his musculature. If your horse has suffered any physical injuries, a regular visit (or even an occasional one!) can really benefit his overall health and comfort. And to make it even better, ask your equine therapist to use Equispa’s all-natural essential oil spray-on liniment extraordinaire, to enhance muscle relaxation and reduce inflammation, during the massage session.

Want to learn more about equine sports therapy? Come say hello to Davina and I at our holistic equine health table in the Mounted Patrol Grounds in Woodside, CA this upcoming Saturday, October 10th. Whole Equine and Horses at Liberty are proud co-sponsors of the Woodside Day of the Horse Event, which supports the local equestrian community and educates non-equestrians about the benefits of having horses in the community.