Natural Drought Solutions- Tips, Grooming Supplies, and Grooming Techniques to Reduce Water Consumption October 30 2015, 0 Comments


Desario sporting his waterless groom.

The other day, I mentioned to my barnmate that Whole Equine now carries a waterless shampoo from Espana SILK, and her response was, “Waterless Shampoo? What a great thing to offer during a drought!”. Well, I honestly hadn’t though of that, but she’s right. This got my wheels turning; why not offer some tips on how to save water AND continue to care for your horse naturally during one of the worst drought seasons in the West? Well, while we're all waiting for the spectre of El Nino to hit, here’s some tips:

  • Use Less Water in Your Trough- Pour less in so you can pour less out when need to clean the water trough. 
  • Spray that Dirty Horse – When you have so many pleasant smelling all-natural coat cleansers, why would you bathe your baby? Check out the Waterless Shampoo, for those tough stains and especially dirty spots, or our Grapefruit Coat Refresh for all-around cleansing. If your horse has skin issues that you think you may need to wash, try an antiseptic spray instead; such as Espana SILK's (which also works as a liniment!) 
  • Cool Him Down Spritzer- Had a tough ride? Want to cool down his legs? Try rubbing on some Ezee Arnica instead of pulling out the ol’ hose. Essential oils like Peppermint provide natural anti-inflammatory and overall cooling on your horse’s muscles, perfect for helping your horse recover from a tough ride.
  • Ice those legs! For Real- Does your horse have an injury? Try using an ice boot or putting the leg/hoof in a bucket of cold water (then water your plants later with the water!).
  • Sponge Bath- If you must wash him, consider a sponge bath. Pour some water in the bucket and keep dipping that sponge in the water and squeezing the water over your horse’s affected areas. This saves gallons and gets the job done. 

I hope you found these helpful. Bottom line is- get creative with what you can and can’t use, and if you’re looking for something to assist, know that there are quite a few water-less alternatives.