What do you mean by “Natural”?

What do you mean by “Natural”?

We understand that in the market today there are many products labeled “natural,” hence diminishing the value and meaning of the word. We strive to put meaning back into the word “natural”- below is our definition:

“Natural” supplements, topical cleansers, and first aid products refer to those products that do not contain any chemical fillers, additives, flavorings, or inactive ingredients. We strive to provide our customers with an array of products across the spectrum of what is considered “natural” so that each horse owner can decide what is best for his or her horse.

It also includes lifestyle products that help a horse’s body function at its healthiest possible state in a domestic environment. These products aim to mirror nature’s elements as if a horse was in the wild, so as to support his bodily functions and immune system to the maximum extent possible and prevent any future harm.

Lastly, it includes training, tack, and other equipment that aid in enhancing the horse/human relationship through building trust and positive reinforcement.


We strive to be the premier provider of a spectrum of carefully selected, quality natural equine products, in a user-friendly format that allows horsemen and women to make educated decisions on which products are the best fit for his or her horse.

We seek to constantly scan the marketplace for effective and innovative products that will assist our customers’ horses achieve optimal health. We also want to provide our customers with the tools to make an educated decision- including information on product ingredients, links to related articles, and premier customer service to ensure that our customers get what they’re looking for.

We know there are lots of choices- almost too many choices- when it comes to purchasing products for your horse. Let us do the work, so our customers can enjoy their horses at his full potential, naturally.