What is Whole Equine?

What is Whole Equine?

Whole Equine is your online resource for natural horse care products and equipment. We are proud to offer an array of natural horse care products, including supplements, first aid, cleaning, equipment and other items that help horses reach their optimal physical and mental health. We carefully select our products based on our confidence in the manufacturer, proven effectiveness, processing techniques and ingredients.

We are a small, woman-owned business based in Northern California with a passion for preventative care and helping horses live a more comfortable life in order to enhance our horses’ performance, longevity, and our experiences with them.

Please take a look, shop around, and let us know what you think!

The Whole Equine Story

Whole Equine was founded by Melanie Falls, an entrepreneurial businesswoman with a passion for natural equine health, and a strong desire to make natural equine care accessible and straightforward for all. Melanie came to believe in the effectiveness of natural healing through her experience with her gelding, Desario. Desario fractured his coffin bone, which created a bone spur that presses against his deep digital flexor tendon in his front right hoof. Several veterinarians and other equine health professionals doubted whether he could be ridden again, for fear that the bone spur would shred the tendon and create severe arthritis. However, three years later, after much trial and error, lots of TLC, lifestyle changes, and natural supplementation, Desario has regained his soundness, against all odds. It was her experience that led her to believe that natural supplements and awareness of natural horse care could turn a sad early retirement story into many more years of longevity and trail rides.

Combining her business sense with the veterinary knowledge of the community around her, she strives to give other horse owners access to the highest quality natural products available in the marketplace so they can easily provide the same to their horses as she did to hers.