SoundHorse Herbal Liniment

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Witch Hazel, Surfectant, Menthol, plus a proprietary blend of: Angelica Tang Kuei (dang gui tou), Frankincense (ru xiang), Myrrh (mo yao), Achyranthes Root (huai niu xi), and Notoginseng Root (san qi).

Directions for Use:

Shake well before each use. Contents may settle during shipping and between usages.

Liniment/Massage: Use full strength before and after workouts. Rub directly onto the skin. Can be painted directly on the soles of the foot

Bath Brace: Add 0.5 to 1 oz per gallon of water to provide a more soothing and revitalizing body brace.

Cautions: For external use only. Do not use on open wounds or cuts. Keep product out of reach of children. Do not allow product to be exposed to open flames. For animal use only.